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01 Jul

Working Together: Scrip Companies partners with Goodwill

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Scrip Companies Honored at Goodwill Industries Awards Benefit

Scrip Companies and Goodwill gathered together for breakfast at the Bolingbrook Golf Club in Bolingbrook, IL to celebrate Scrip Companies and their achievements, and to recognize their commitment to Goodwill’s mission of providing substantial, ongoing work opportunities for people with disabilities.

Goodwill established its partnership with Scrip Companies in 2007. We screen appropriate candidates and support them with training and coaching as they transition into permanent employment. Jill Boepple, director of Business Development for Goodwill, began the event by explaining the relationship between Scrip and Goodwill. “Scrip Companies learned along time ago that tapping into an often overlooked candidate pool is good business. Scrip Companies provided job opportunities for more than 15 individuals with severe disabilities in such areas as box maker and kit production workers,” she said. Bolingbrook Mayor Roger Claar helped thank Scrip Companies for the jobs they are providing and Goodwill for their role in successfully transitioning people into jobs.

Matt Taylor, CEO, Scrip Companies, accepted a plaque and artwork from Goodwill. Chris Morris, Scrip COO, said it is more than just about giving people opportunities. It makes economic sense. “Our employees in these positions come to work every day, have a great attitude and work hard. ”Scrip Companies is the leading distributor of chiropractic and massage therapy supplies in North America.

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